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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6/14 "Congrats to Albert Armenta"

On getting hired at Universal Studios Hollywood, better hook it up skank!
Can i hear a road trip soon...aye.aye.aye.aye lol

6/14 "Song of the Night"

Some New Drake to soothe the ears whatevs

..."I'm just saying you could do better"

6/11 "Congratulations UCR Betas Class of 2011"

We would like to congratulate the first graduates of our amazing UCR colony!
These young men have spent countless hours hitting the books,
 helping the colony in various aspects and have been great role models for us younger bros!
Thank You for the awesome memories and good luck to you guys in your future endeavors.

Adrian "Jules" Reyes
B.A. Creative Writing

Ralph "Olito" Sanchez
B.A. Business Administration

Best Wishes Bros!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

6/2: "Masquerade Ball Pictures"

06/2: "Song + Shout Out of the Night"

Yes, this is the song of the night, while were chillin here, awaiting for Finals to arrive, and not show up for a good while whatevs...

and on this night, we would like to shout out the lovely Kappa Delta's of CSU San Bernardino,
to be specific Ms. Stephanie Paniagua, Ms. Olivia Garcia and Ms. Annalissa 
ps. i dont care if you girls dont like this picture! k bye